Can Drinking Water Help Ease Dry Eye Symptoms?

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Dry eye syndrome is a tough condition to pin down. About 16 million Americans have been diagnosed, but the actual number may range far higher, potentially approaching 50 million. And when something affects 5 – 15% of the population, it’s a serious matter that disrupts the daily lives of innumerable individuals.

Wrestling with the occasional bout of dryness may not mean anything serious. It’s a common annoyance, and most people have suffered episodes of dryness here and there. But if it becomes lingering and persistent, it may signify that you have dry eye syndrome in Tuscaloosa, AL.

To be sure, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at inVision Ophthalmology Tuscaloosa to schedule an appointment. A timely diagnosis can mean a more effective treatment solution and quicker relief.

What causes dry eye syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome occurs when the body cannot produce enough tears or when these tears are of inferior quality. To do their job and lubricate, hydrate, and protect your eyes, your tears must contain adequate amounts of three substances: water, oil, and mucus. Each component is essential, providing an invaluable duty, including reduced evaporation and improved surface coverage.

Yet numerous influential factors affect tear production and quality. These factors include genetic predispositions, environmental factors, and certain medications you may be taking. And although it isn’t too common, dry eyes can be the cause of an underlying symptom. This last fact isn’t meant to alarm, just to demonstrate the importance of seeking professional eye care.

Any potential problem detected at an early stage is easier to deal with, costing you less time, hassle, and discomfort. And, if no underlying condition is to blame, you’ll enjoy peace of mind and benefit from our personalized treatment plans sooner rather than later.

Can drinking water help ease dry eye syndrome?

Individuals afflicted by dry eye syndrome can do numerous things daily to improve their outcomes and attenuate the effects. Proper diet and nutrition can play a role, as they do in almost every other condition. And you can attain more favorable eye health and potentially reduce the impact of dryness and related symptoms by adhering to a diet rich in nutrients.

Veggies, fruits, legumes, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and low-fat dairy and meat products can supply the vital minerals and vitamins (along with other nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids) that help keep your body running smoothly. Additionally, proper hydration may be an undervalued part of daily health. And drinking the daily recommended amount of water could increase the healthy production of tears.

Find dry eye relief in Tuscaloosa, AL

Dry eye syndrome can be more than an annoyance. Even those willing to bear the discomfort should pursue professional treatment because this condition can prove damaging. Untreated, it can lead to ocular harm such as corneal abrasions, infections, inflammation, and, eventually, even vision loss. It can also be caused by some underlying issue, and resolving this issue can help you enjoy improved overall and ocular health in Tuscaloosa, AL.

And, of course, the sooner you see us at inVision Ophthalmology Tuscaloosa, the sooner you can achieve soothing relief. So, please contact us today if you have any concerns or symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

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