Refractive Lens Exchange in Tuscaloosa, AL

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What Is Refractive Lens Exchange?

The ophthalmology professionals at inVision Ophthalmology Tuscaloosa are pleased to offer RLE (refractive lens exchange) for Tuscaloosa, AL patients. RLE is technically the same procedure as cataract surgery except the patient isn't impacted by cataracts. With RLE, the existing lens is substituted with a state-of-the-art IOL (intraocular lens) to eliminate or drastically reduce many kinds of refractive errors and provide crisp vision. RLE is often an excellent treatment method for people who live with abnormally high degrees of nearsightedness or farsightedness and who might not be good candidates for other refractive vision surgeries. Contact inVision Ophthalmology Tuscaloosa to arrange your evaluation, and find out if RLE is the best choice for you.

What Is RLE Surgery Like?

Once you've had your initial consultation, we will identify the optimal type of artificial lenses for your personal refractive error needs. Your new lenses are then specially designed. RLE is an outpatient surgery that typically takes about 10 – 20 minutes. Before your procedure, our team will apply eye drops to fully numb the eyes. Your surgeon will place an incredibly tiny incision in the corneal tissue and use a laser to gently break up and remove the natural lens. Then, we will implant the refractive IOL in its place using the existing incision, which will heal quickly on its own. Many patients who undergo RLE can expect to notice their enhanced vision in as little as a few days, and some people can drastically reduce or end their dependence on corrective eyewear. During the first 4 – 12 weeks, you might experience times of hazy vision, light sensitivity, and dry eyes. These are standard parts of the recovery period and shouldn't be a cause for concern.

Long-Term Clear Vision

Refractive lens exchange at inVision Ophthalmology Tuscaloosa is a remarkable procedure that can drastically improve not just your visual acuity but your overall self-confidence. For adults who might not be ideal candidates for LASIK or other similar procedures, RLE has the potential to reduce or eliminate the reliance on contacts or glasses. Reach out to our Tuscaloosa, AL office to schedule your consultation.

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