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What Is the Cornea?

The cornea is the clear, dome-shaped layer that protects the front of the eye. In a healthy cornea, light is refracted onto the retina so you can focus your eyes and see clearly. Corneal diseases are typically genetically inherited and involve changes to the shape or structure of the cornea, leading to visual impairments and eye discomfort. At inVision Ophthalmology Tuscaloosa, we recommend that all individuals have regular comprehensive eye exams to check for a wide variety of vision conditions and eye problems, including corneal disease. In the event that you have developed a corneal condition, our expert ophthalmologist and optometrists are equipped with effective treatment solutions to improve your vision health in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Corneal Conditions

Common signs of corneal disease include blurry vision, eye irritation or swelling, and light sensitivity. The team at inVision Ophthalmology Tuscaloosa performs thorough eye exams that involve several diagnostic tests to uncover any problems with your vision and eye health. Your doctor will utilize a magnifying instrument to detect any irregularities that could indicate corneal disease, such as rough spots, irregular shapes, or cloudy patches. We check for the following corneal diseases:

  • Keratitis (corneal ulcers)
  • Keratoconus
  • Fuchs' dystrophy
  • Bullous keratopathy
  • Herpes zoster (eye shingles)

Based on the type of corneal disease or damage you have, we will provide customized treatment options to address the underlying cause of the problem. In the earlier stages of corneal disease, we typically utilize less invasive solutions, such as scleral contact lenses, Intacs corneal implants, or corneal cross-linking procedures. If you are dealing with more advanced corneal damage, then corneal transplant surgery may be the recommended course of action.

Cornea FAQ

How is a corneal disease usually diagnosed?

The only way to diagnose corneal disease is a complete eye examination by a skilled ophthalmologist like Dr. Choi and Dr. Bedsole at inVision Ophthalmology Tuscaloosa.

What are the most common treatments for corneal diseases?

  • Laser surgery
  • Corneal transplant
  • Artificial corneas
  • Ointments and eye drops
  • Medications

Facts about the corneas:

  • They contain no blood vessels
  • They heal very quickly
  • They focus about 70% of the light coming into the eyes
  • Shark corneas are very similar to human corneas — so much so that they have been used in human cornea transplants (but typical transplants use human donor tissue or artificial corneas)

State-of-the-art care

When the cornea is not functioning properly, it can affect your ability to see clearly. The vision professionals at inVision Ophthalmology Tuscaloosa are experts in treating eye disorders that affect the health of the cornea. Our goal is to provide the best possible vision for every patient through top treatment solutions and excellent care. If you would like to schedule an eye exam, please call our office in Tuscaloosa, AL.

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