Can Eye Drops Really Help With Glaucoma?

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The pain and impact of glaucoma can be a problem, as the damage to the optic nerve can lead to blindness in Tuscaloosa, AL. Eye drops can help resolve many issues associated with glaucoma, but they are not as effective as surgical procedures, like those offered at inVision OpthalmologyTuscaloosa.

Reducing fluid production

One reason why glaucoma can develop is fluid building up in the front part of the eye. The excess fluid produces stress in the eye, leading to optic nerve damage.

Some eye drops can keep the eye from producing as much fluid while also improving how fluid can drain from the eyes. Alpha agonists are useful eye drops that can activate blood vessels in the area to improve how well fluids can move in and out of the eyes.

Beta-blockers can also help reduce fluid production. Beta-blockers are typically used for people with heart issues, but they can work for anyone who has high blood pressure. The excess fluid in your eyes could come from hypertension, causing it to be harder for the eyes to stay functional and active.

Miotics are also unique eye drops to explore. Miotics will cause the pupil to shrink or constrict, making it easier for fluid to move out of the eye.

Are these eye drops safe?

Most people with glaucoma tolerate eye drops fairly well, but they can produce side effects. Some of the more common side effects of these eye drops include temporary blurry vision, fatigue, dizziness, and redness. The eyes may also sting when they receive these drops, although that problem will be less prevalent as the eyes get used to the drops.

Glaucoma surgery may be a more suitable option

While eye drops for glaucoma can be effective and can reduce the effects of this condition, they may not be as effective as a surgical procedure for the problem. You can request a service from us at inVision Ophthalmology Tuscaloosa for help with your glaucoma concerns.

Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery can help reduce eye pressure, for example. It uses small incisions in the area to protect the eyes and reduce the risk of further irritation or pain in the area.

A selective laser trabeculoplasty or SLT procedure may also help. A laser will stimulate the healthy tissues in the eye to keep optic nerve damage from being a threat. The procedure reduces eye pressure and triggers the growth of healthy eye cells.

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Eye drops for glaucoma can be helpful for many needs, although they may not be as effective as a traditional surgical procedure in Tuscaloosa, AL. To learn more about what inVision Ophthalmology Tuscaloosa can do for your eye health, contact us today. You can find us on McFarland Boulevard East near University Mall, or you can schedule a time to visit us online.

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