What Kind of Pain Is Experienced with Glaucoma?

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Glaucoma is one of the most dangerous ocular threats worldwide. This sneaky "silent thief of sight" progresses imperceptibly, giving no indication of its presence until its damage has been done. Eventually, total blindness will occur if glaucoma is not treated.

You shouldn't resign yourself to slowly losing your vision and daily liberty because our team at inVision Ophthalmology Tuscaloosa is dedicated to helping you manage glaucoma and stave off its sight-stealing effects. So please get in touch with our ophthalmologists today to find out how we can best serve you in Tuscaloosa, AL.

What is glaucoma, and how can it cause vision loss?

Glaucoma is an umbrella grouping that comprises multiple conditions that cause vision loss and, eventually, total blindness if left untreated. As one of the world's leading causes of blindness, glaucoma is a serious threat to patients' eye health.

Vision loss is typically due to excessive pressure building up within the eyes, resulting from a failure to drain the fluid from within the ocular tissues. The increased pressure gradually degrades the optic nerve, the essential structure that transmits visual impulses from the eyes to the brain. When this all-important link is damaged, patients begin losing their sight.

What kind of pain is experienced with glaucoma?

Even though glaucoma is a condition generally caused by increased pressure within the eyes, it may not cause any pain. In fact, glaucoma causes no symptoms and remains imperceptible during its earlier stages. Unfortunately, its sneaky mode of action has earned it the nickname "the silent thief of sight," meaning that it can cause damage without a patient even knowing it.

That's a massive part of the danger: millions of individuals do not realize they have glaucoma, and by the time any signs are apparent, irreversible vision loss may have already occurred.

So what's the best way to fight a disorder that initially shows no signs of its presence? Routine eye exams with our expert ophthalmologists can help catch glaucoma in the early stages. Managing one's glaucoma is crucial, and one can enjoy a significantly better outcome by staying vigilant about regular ocular checkups.

Since early detection is key, we're proud to offer state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies and techniques to allow early detection and effective management strategies. Additionally, as the aging process increases the chances of patients experiencing the vision-stealing effects of glaucoma, it's imperative that you get in touch with us in Tuscaloosa, AL if you're over 40, have any concerns, or have not had a routine eye exam in several years.

It's also important to know the signs of acute-angle closure glaucoma, a medical emergency. This condition causes potentially severe eye pain, changes in vision, nausea, headaches, and vomiting. Therefore, if you experience the sudden or quick onset of the previous symptoms, it's imperative that you seek help, as eye pressure may be rising rapidly and may cause permanent damage.

Manage glaucoma and enjoy improved eye health in Tuscaloosa, AL

Even though glaucoma is incurable and may be an age-related inevitability, our experienced ophthalmologists are here to help you hold onto your vision and preserve as much of your ocular health as possible.

Your treatment strategy will vary based on your unique needs and health, but one thing's certain: timely detection and treatment are necessary for your best outcome. So please don't hesitate to contact us at inVision Ophthalmology Tuscaloosa and schedule a consultation!

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