What Happens if Dry Eyes are Untreated?

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Dry, itchy eyes are an occasional occurrence, but if these issues persist and consistently keep you from being your best, you may be experiencing dry eye syndrome. Seeking timely treatment in Tuscaloosa, AL is vital, as this condition will not go away independently.

Instead, it will continue to needlessly complicate your life and cause everyday unpleasantness, keeping you from being your productive best. Additionally, eye damage and visual impairments can occur if dry eye treatment is not sought. So for your best outcome, please call or message us today at inVision Ophthalmology Tuscaloosa!

What happens if dry eyes are left untreated?

Daily discomfort is the most obvious and ubiquitous effect of leaving your dry eyes untreated. This can extend beyond basic discomfort to disrupt one’s life by making activities like reading challenging or even impossible. Additionally, combating the exasperating effects of dry eyes can make it difficult to focus at school or work and hinder one’s performance in physical activities, whether working out or sports.

Since tears are tasked with the critical job of lubricating the eyes and offering an ocular line of protection, leaving dry eyes untreated can also lead to eye damage. Not seeking professional treatment increases the odds of suffering from persistent ocular inflammation, corneal abrasions (scratches on the outermost portion of the eye), and potentially even corneal ulcers, according to the Mayo Clinic.

As a result, even visual impairments, such as vision loss, can occur. Therefore, timely intervention is of the utmost importance if you’d like to excel at your everyday tasks and win back your daily comfort.

How is dry eye syndrome diagnosed and treated?

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of dry eyes or any other ocular discomfort, we’d love to see you in our Tuscaloosa, AL practice to help you find relief. Your treatment plan begins with an eye exam, during which we check the various physical structures of your eyes and then evaluate the quality of your tears.

The latter is an essential step, as dry eye syndrome results from faulty tear production: if either the quantity or quality of tears is abnormal. If not enough tears are produced, or if they evaporate too quickly, the eyes can become dry, and patients’ standard of living can quickly decrease.

Plus, it’s vital to ascertain the fundamental cause of your dry eyes because this condition can be due to some underlying issue. Once we’ve assessed your ocular status, we can employ various treatment strategies, such as eye drops, which can be used in conjunction with lifestyle modifications, such as using a humidifier, taking breaks while working, using warm compresses, eating healthy, and avoiding common irritants.

If these therapeutic options don’t yield the desired results, we can try other treatments, such as punctal occlusion, which involves plugging the tear ducts so the tears can remain in the eyes.

Deal with dry eye today by seeking a professional opinion in Tuscaloosa, AL!

We strive to help our Tuscaloosa, AL patients enjoy their best lives. Ocular health and clear vision are integral components of productivity and happy living, and we’re excited to offer you various treatment options, including eye drops and lifestyle modifications, so you can win back your comfort and reduce the unpleasant symptoms of dry eyes! Contact us today at inVision Ophthalmology Tuscaloosa to learn more!

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